BizBrain Messaging Google Sheet AddOn

Send messages from Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets are home to store customer data for most of small businesses. BizBrain Messaging add-on for Sheets helps to leverage this data to send messages without leaving it.

Not just send message but also see delivery reports

Most of similar add-ons sends the message from Sheets but one step ahead, BizBrain Messaging shows message delivery status in the sheet itself.

imac screen

Send messages with single click

It uses the platform APIs and hence sending messages is very simple. Select rows and from the Add-on menu, just send the message on same click.

Completely free Add-on, you just need API key

We don’t charge anything for the add-on. You can use your existing BizBrain Messaging account and its API key to start sending messages from Google Spreadsheets.

BizBrain Messaging Google Sheet AddOn